Listen to Some
of my Compositions

Lunar Landing

A bit of a science-fiction feel to this, as synthesized sounds give way to an orchestra led by a solo violinist.

Morning Mist

A piece featuring the violin and a string section, with a flute solo. It's an emotive piece with delicate harmonies and backings provided by various string instruments throughout the music.

Rise of the Violins

A mix of traditional classical with modern Irish music, featuring a delay (echo) on the entire violin track. The music begins with a serene but dark orchestra, followed by a striking melody which continues once the drums come in.


A very sad piece with piano and violin, followed by a string orchestra providing soft backing. The melody repeats and then goes to a higher passage before mellowing out again for the final verse and ending.

Warning: It's a tear-jerker.

Night Crawlers

A mysterious beginning, heavy drums and bass, and both piano and violin carry a busy melody in the middle.

Released on Halloween, 2022.

Piano and Cello

An original piece for piano and cello, with both instruments played on a keyboard.

The cello captures the intensity of the bow pressure and intensity, complete with vibrato on some notes, just like an actual cellist would play.

Getting Warmer

Opening with violin over piano and a soft orchestra, the song varies in intensity as it entered different parts. Eventually there are solo trumpet, oboe and flute, over the full orchestra, which includes tympani and brass.

Strings of Fire

A fast violin plays over a light rock beat.

The Hamlet

A haunting vocal plays out over a lone piano, then is joined by a string section and choir. The melody continues, but is now played by a solo violinist, rising to a crescendo with the string section.

The vocalist returns and harmonizes with the violin for the next section, continuing on until a high choir joins in near the end. It concludes with the vocalist and piano, accompanied by high choir voices and light strings, finally ending with the violin.

Piano and Violin

Opening with violin and piano, this piece of music gradually adds a string section, and towards the middle a soft choir. It is a sad piece of original music in the classical form. All performed on keyboard.

Strings intensify as the music reaches its peak towards the end, but the final phrases are once more soft with mostly only the solo violin and piano ending the music.


An original piece suitable for movie soundtrack, featuring the violin backed by a full orchestra, Spanish guitar, and a band consisting of drums, bass, electric guitar and keyboard.

Inspired by a historic home located in Hamilton, ON, the theme is based on classical music from a century or so ago, but with a modern flavour.

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

An original piece for cello and orchestra in a style common in the 1700s.

It features some solo instruments such as violin and cello, accompanied by a full orchestra, including staccato string passages.

The Longing

A sad, moving theme about love lost. It features piano backing with gentle strings and a solo violin. The middle climaxes with more emotion as the song gently intensifies.

Towards the ending, the full orchestra is heard, but then a lone violin completes the piece.

Venus and Mars

An orchestral piece beginning with Venus represented by woodwinds and strings. Mars interrupts with deep brass and tympani. The conflict continues with each side having a segment of music. Both sides have choir voices and get a little stronger as the song progresses. The musical statements become bolder as each side tries to become the dominant one. Eventually Mars takes over and breaks the flow, then Venus comes in with a heavenly arrangement of its earlier phrases.

Gradually, Mars joins in, and they work together. The piece concludes with Mars adding the deep brass and tympani with a nice crescendo at the very end.


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